Swallows in Flight Cedar wood pouch
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Swallows in Flight Cedar wood pouch

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Spotting the first swallows of the year in spring as they return from their winter retreat in southern Africa is a welcome sign that summer is coming.

The swallow has an instantly recognisable silhouette due to its distinctive forked long tail.  I wished to capture this in the cloth design as well as incorporating elements of its bright white belly, glossy blue feathers and the flash of red-orange it has on its throat and chin.

This very limited edition cloth design was lovingly handwoven in my East Lothian studio in merino lambswool using a double cloth structure to create the swallow motif. 

These sachet pouches are filled with aromatic cedar chips to help to eliminate unpleasant odours, repel insects, absorb dampness and bring a fresh, woody fragrance to your home. Perfect to freshen up wardrobes and drawers or to be used to display jewellery.

If, like me, you are a textile enthusiast these are brilliant to pop in amongst your stored wool to help keep those pesky moths at bay.

15cm x 8cm

Filled with cedar wood shavings

100% wool