Mini Block Parcels
Mini Block Parcels
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Mini Block Parcels

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In my bid to be as sustainable as possible, I have sewn the little pieces of Blocks and Dio fabric I had left over into these cute little cedar pouches.

The set of three are backed with a mixture of burnt orange and mustard boiled wool and tied together with string.  They can be kept as a bundle or used separately, either as little Christmas tree decorations, placed within the foliage or great for keeping your drawers fresh.

These pouches are free of charge but, as a working prototype for next year’s Christmas Decorations it would be lovely to hear what you think of them and I ask that you only order one bundle.

I will be donating £10 to Scottish Women’s Aid for each bundle that leaves here.  I will add a link to their donation page so that, if you feel it is a charity you would also like to support during these difficult times, then you might think of making a donation too.

Thank you and Merry Christmas, 

Kirsty xx